Uniformity Check in a single measurement

The uniformity tester is developed to allow for a fast measurement of the homogeneity of all solar simulator types.
It is not limited to BERGER measurement systems. With up to 254 measurement cells that can be connected
even the largest areas or highest resolutions are possible. The measurement can be done in a single flash.
The system comes with 24 measurement cells in the basic version and can be extended by further sets.
The system is connected to any PC with a USB interface by an interface box and comes in a handy tool case.
Product Specification
› Sets of 24, 64 and 72 cells available
› 1 master cell and one interface box included
› Up to 255 cells can be used concurrently
› Two measurement ranges for 100 – 350 W/m²
or 500 – 1500 W/m²
› Temporal uniformity during a single flash
can be calculated

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